Battery Powered Aerosol
The Patriot 2XP Battery Powered Aerosol Units, are the most advanced Aerosol
Systems on the Planet.  The (2XP) stands for 2 x Power.  The Battery Aerosol
system can operate on a 12 volt battery as well as any World wide electricity
operating from 85 volts to 260 volts.  The Battery Aerosol system offers corded
freedom with corded back up.  This allows the user of the battery aerosol system
to use the unit mobile or connect to a cord for long drawn out treatments.  The
basic unit comprises a 12 volt 9.9 amp Life PO4 Battery to power the Aerosol system
for 85 straight minutes or a continued days use of spot treatments.

The Patriot 2XP Green Battery Powered Aerosol System with corded back up leads the industry with technical advancements.

The UNIFIX USA LLC, Line of Patriot 2XP Systems are the only Battery powered Aerosol Systems on the planet which also can be powered by any Universal World wide electrical power supply.

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