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Bed Bug, Bed Bug, Dead bug! 

When it comes to a bed bug infestation or proactive bed bug control nothing provides better performance then the the Unifix USA New Silver-Bullet and for wall void applications the Unifix USA Patriot 2XP Aerosol Machine should be your equipment of choice.

          Patriot 2XP                                            Silver-Bullet

As an experienced Bed Bug exterminator and now builder of the most advanced Aerosol system and ultrasonic fog machine on the planet, I can share this advice.  Bed bugs are difficult and require a great deal of work,
and an experienced trained technician to solve your bed bug problem.


Review these options:

While many people would like to think you can heat a room to 140 Degrees and the problem will be solved, the fact remains the temperature in the voids where the bed bugs are hiding under dressers, in drawers etc are still room temperature.
*Heat is a good tool to have but won't do the job alone.

Many PCO's have tried the freezing approach only to find the cold freeze can't penetrate through material surfaces.  So yes it is possible to freeze the bed bugs that are visible, however if they are on the other side of the mattress they are quite untouched.
*Freeze is a good tool to have but won't do the job alone

The problem with steam is it requires close contact, and doesn't have a good flushing ability.  Steam works great as an IPM tool and close contact kill.  However it will not penetrate with killing power deep into the voids where the bed bugs are hiding.  In fact the further distance you are from the nozzle, the air is pushed by the steam and the air is cold scattering the bedbugs.
*Steam is a good tool to have but won't do the job alone.

All the above are being utilized, however they are all missing the deep void penetration.

(New) Silver Bullet click this link to learn more about this incredible industry break through.

Patriot 2XP Green Bed Bug killing Machine:

Currently used and killing bed bugs with great success over many years!  The Patriot Aerosol machine Generates aerosol droplets under 5 micron, the powerful aerosol motor pushes the bed bug killing particles deep into the voids where bed bugs hide:
Box springs, Outlets, furniture, picture frames, electronic devices, you name it, point and shoot with deep void penetration.  The active ingredients of the Solutions will kill the bed bugs on contact, and the residual if allowed in your State for void injections will kill the eggs.  I will list some great products below:
The Patriot Can and has been doing the job alone.  However I stress this point:
The more tools the better!

No matter what, Bed Bugs are a multiple step process and there is no way about it.  Patriot Aerosol Units, are a great tool.  Consider German roaches, the pests are among one of the worse insects to eliminate, however I did it for years and so have many other great PCO's from all over the world.  The aerosol units such as the Patriot offered quick knock down of infested apartments, homes, restaurants etc.  The aerosol would travel deep into the voids, penetrating the hiding spots and killing the roaches.  However it was never easy, equipment had to be taken apart tables flipped over cabinets emptied, it was never a walk in the park. Now one thing no matter what remained true, the solution could kill the pest and the pest couldn't out run the Patriot.
To eliminate a German roach infestation, many steps were involved including the following:

Deep void injection Aerosol, Glue boards, dust, a good residual and a vacuum to suck up the 1,000's of dead roaches and eggs.  Yes it takes a lot of work by a professional trained technician.  Companies which have the tools get the job and can actually solve the customers problem.  As Baits began working on Roaches many companies viewed the problem as solved, and the bait a miracle, many new technicians were never trained the (Old School methods)  there for, when the bed bugs hit and hit hard many companies couldn't offer the (Old school technology) which is what works.  Many people are waiting for a silver bullet, however the answer is simple it's just hard work.
"Dear Barry, I have performed over 50 bed bug jobs with the Patriot. I have had tremendous success with only 3 call backs. The Patriot is truly an incredible machine. Peerless Chemical PA, That's a 92.5% success rate!!
Read customer testimonials here

Here is the correct solution and tools needed for Bed Bugs:
1.  Flash light ( don't go to work without one)
2.  Patriot 2XP Aerosol Machine (battery powered or corded)
3.  Solution ( choose your knock down chemical wisely)
4.  Solution 2 ( choose your residual chemical wisely)
5 (3 and 4 can be combined if allowed by your States EPA guidelines)
6  Vacuum
7.  Dust as well as dusting equipment
8.  (Silver-Bullet) Even the best need back up.
9.  Well defined letter to customer, making them execute the following
A.  All clothes out of drawers.
B.  All clothes out of closets
C.  All linens off.
D.  All clothes/ linens washed and dried, the dryer will kill all Bed Bugs on clothing
E.  All clothes bagged in trash bag for safe keeping until after treatment.

10.  Remember all your safety items, Gloves, Respirator, Glasses and always read the
Go to work
With the fabrics and clothes out of their position you are left with a simplified battle ground, you versus the bed bugs. (1) Take out the flashlight and inspect every crack and crevice, (optional vacuum) as many as you can visibly see, make a mental checklist of the obvious heavy infested areas.  (2)Use the vacuum to suck up all the bed bus and eggs you can find especially on the mattress.  (3)Treat small void areas like outlets with the dust.(4) Turn on the Patriot and began the attack, the Patriot 2XP system will provide surgical injection of the fog/mist into the void areas.  Treat the box spring, flip it over, treat the frame, and the head board, take out the dresser drawers, turn the dresser over, remove outlets and allow penetration deep into the wall voids,(always be careful when treating around outlets do not let the metal touch any wires, serious injuries can occur)  the powerful Patriot motor will push the dust deep into the wall voids from the earlier application.  Don't leave any areas untouched.  All furniture, and equipment should be treated.  If you have the residual mixed into the non residual knock down formula, you are done.  You have targeted every crack and crevice and no doubt killed all the adults, you have left dust and residual to kill any new born eggs.  Remember all good work is done in time and their is no reason to rush.  Take your time. Leave no stone unturned.  (5)  Turn on the Silver Bullet, shut the door and go to the next room.  (6) Once you have completed and you have been as thorough as possible, your job is done, however you are not finished.  Clean up, and put everything back where it was, be professional, replace outlet covers, return furniture to correct configuration, place the bedding back upright clean up any visible dust or solution, use the vacuum.  Treat every home as if it were your own.  We have always recommended Bed Bug jobs be done by at least 2 people.  Even if the second is just a helper. 

Bed bugs are here to stay, and if you don't want them, it will require the work above.  However, following the job description will result in your premises bed bug free.  Bottom line, you need to have the right solution, the right equipment and the right training.

And most important it requires work.  Thorough work.

You can look at our customer testimonials to learn more.
Below our chemicals and solution PCO's from all over are using with the Patriot
2XP System.

There are thousands of Professional pest control operators throughout the globe following these guidelines, with good equipment, good training and strong ethics.

If you need help locating a company offering this procedure, send me an email @ and I'd be happy to help you get rid of your problem once and for all.  I'll find a quality company in your area and have them give you a call.

If you want to learn more about the Patriot 2XP Green click here

New Natural Solutions which can be used in the Patriot/ Silver-Bullet and Fog units as well as sprayers for Bed Bug treatments:



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