Patriot 2XP Ninja

Introducing the Patriot 2XP Ninja

*Ninja has been replaced by Patriot 2XP Green 8/11
The Best of Both Worlds

$1,599 with cord $1,999 with battery and cord
Patriot Parts Schematic click here
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Runs off of 12 volt 10 AMP Poly-Lithium Battery (1.5 hour + run time) and or cord.
Advanced Poly-Lithium Battery offers 120 watts of power and weighs in at
only 2.5 LBs

Also operates corded off any world wide electricity from 85VAC-265VAC
Internal circuit Board Power supply
Iec 320 connector offers international as well as national corded connection
Powerful 12 volt motor.

Treat the exterior of a home cord free.
Treat muliple unit apartments without unraveling a cord.
Save down time
Treat insects where they forge far away from homes and electricity.
You can do it all without sacrifing performance.
The 12 volt dc pump meets and exceeds the performance of the high flow
head 110v standard compressor

Patriot 2XP Ninja with battery attached and connected.

Patriot 2XP Ninja with Battery connectors and 3 amp HR charger
The battery is manufactured in a Safety first-fireproof-accident proof box.

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