Patriot Injection System

Patriot Injection System


“Engineered for the Industry”



The Patriot combines the best in new filtration technology.

Filter 1 is located between the tank and the manifold,
this is a 70 au micron filter.
Filter 2 is located in the custom front detachable wand adapter.


This machine is built tough, and will last in the industry.

* CUSTOMIZED Dual port spray handle with detachable front
wand adapter ( Patent Pending)

This handle was designed and manufactured for the technician.
Manufactured of light weight aluminum. The handle is conforming to the hand.
The technical advances in the custom handle allow for simple filter changes
and detaching the wand. Routine maintenance can be performed with the twist
of a thumb screw. (No tools Required)

Parts Schematic click here

Order Parts here @ our Store

Wand adapter allows for simple wand changes from 17''-3ft also check out our
new J wand for Carpenter ant treatments around house perimeters.
All wands change with twist of thumb screw. (No tools!)


The handle is superb and will out perform the industry standards.
The easy replacement of crucial key components within seconds and
with ease creates less down time and more productivity.
No other handle on the market can match the Patriot Custom spray Handle.


The Patriot Box was designed from a technician and Repair point of view.
The Box is made of light wait but durable Aluminum. Consisting of a base
and cover, the two part box offers a simplicity that is unmatched in the industry.
The design of this box makes for speedy, routine replacement and maintenance
of the Patriot. This provides cost effective future maintenance expenses.
The design of the box created a more compact and versatile unit.
The handle will not intrude on filler area, nor rust.
The Fill and Gauge are the only exterior top components.
The side mount regulator, switch and male flange provide easy access.


The Patriot Box is more compact, designed for durability and more accesable.


The Patriot is equipped with an industry proven THOMAS compressor.


The Patriot is equipped with a chemical shut off valve, which allows
for replacement of routine parts, without loss of chemical.
This cost effective feature stops contamination, and dermal absorption.

*Chemical Tank

The Patriot is equipped with an unheard of 57.5 ounce aluminum tank.
The competitor in the industry houses a 28 ounce tank.

* PATRIOT Injection System

The Patriot has proved itself to be the most effective machine in the industry.
The design team approached the Patriot from the technicians point of view,
with industry experts valuable input, and with a repair tech's knowledge.

A cost effective, technician friendly, and reliable machine.

Warranty: The Patriot Injection system has a full 1 year
manufacturer defect warranty. All hard parts are fully covered:
Box, handle, compressor, Tank, Electrical.
Normal wear and tear are expected.
In other words and with no small print your Patriot Injector
is fully covered under normal wear and tear involved with proper use.
If within a 1 year time frame your Patriot Injector fails to operate
because of a manufacturer defect your Unit will be fixed and or replaced
free of charge.

Money Back Guarantee
The Patriot Injector offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

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