Patriot VS. Competitors
Patriot versus the Competitors

Options PATRIOT Competitor A Competitor            B  

Cordless ability YES NO NO  
Adjustable Micron Droplets YES NO NO  
Quick release laser Ruby Jets (PP) YES NO NO  
Detachable Wand (PP) YES NO NO  
Single piece Dual port Spray Handle (PP) YES NO NO  
Universal electrical operation 85v-265v start YES NO NO  
Cold and hot temperature Starts YES NO NO  
Optional Custom POLY LITH Battery Pack YES NO NO  
Internal In line 70 Micron Filter YES NO NO  
Stainless filter in Wand port YES NO NO  
Internal push connect fittings for easy maint. YES NO NO  
Bottom based unit for easy Maintenance YES NO NO  
Tank capacity for solution over 50 oz YES NO NO  
Working distance of coiled tubing over 20ft YES NO NO  
Interchangeable Accessory wands available YES NO NO  
Most Powerful motor YES NO NO  
Built in male electrical Flange YES NO NO  
Coiled tubing direct connect to tank and motor YES NO NO  
Motor Technology Wobble Diaphragm Diaphragm  
Motor Rating dependability power and function Best Moderate Moderate  
Quiet operation YES NO NO  
Tank Capacity 65oz 28oz 33oz  
Coiled tubing working distance 26ft 14ft 12ft  
AVG Micron Droplets (lower the better) 2-5 microns 20+ microns 20+ microns  

The Patriot 2XP series, offers the most options, best handle, best spray, best innovations, Least Chemical usage, while delivering the Best Results The Patriot Stands alone on TOP!


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