UNIFIX USA " Home Of The Patriot Injection System
Since 2003 MADE IN USA With PRIDE over 8,000 
units built and tested by hand and shipped to 20+ countries
UNIFIXUSA.com is owned and operated by UFX LLC -NH

"Forging Innovation in Liquid & Air, Aerosol and Misting" 
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Patriot Parts Scematic

Our equipment is manufactured and designed by Industry Veterans.

We know what it takes to get the job done.
"We've come home with dead roaches in our boots too".
New Product SG-30 Click On Picture Below

SG-30 Offers non cracking wands.  Why bother repeating the cycle,
replace your cracked or broken spray handle or wand with our new
SG-30.  No downtime, no head aches.  Competitively price.

Results- the industries most advanced spray handle.

UFX LLC will be forging innovations in design and development
on new products
in the industry for years to come.  1-603-339-6239

True Unaltered actual picture.
Same chemical same pressure.
What a difference!

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