The BIO-Patriot is a very effective tool in eliminating COVID-19, H1N1, all Influenza A including Avian Flu, and Staph, MRSA, HIV, Herpes etc.  When used with the proper sanitizing, Virucide solutions.

The Patriot Operates as a Low Volume Mister, quickly sanitizing infected hard surface areas, with the proper dispersal amount to meet the label claims of products such as DSV from NISUS Corp.  The rate quickly covers the hard surface areas and allows for the proper saturation time to over 10 minutes, to actively kill all pathogens.  This unique application method resolves the problem areas without the extra process of wiping down the surfaces.  Wiping services can spread pathogens and has been proven to increase the life expectancy of the virus when entered into a moist or damp cloth or mop.

The BIO-PATRIOT is GREEN and Earth Friendly

The Bio Patriot is the equipment needed to kill COVID-19, H1N1, to sanitize and protect humans from STAPH, and MRSA, HIV, HEP. and Many more.....

The BIO-PATRIOT offers the following work place advancements.

1.  Sanitize quickly, without the extra wipe down of hard surfaces.
2.  Move fast without cords, the BIO-Patriot offers battery powered freedom.
3.  The commercial Bio-Patriot offers a 3/4 gallon reservoir and backpack design and battery powered.
4.  The Bio-Patriot can be used as aim and shoot or attached to a blower for reaching further distances.

Picture DR. Jeff Loyd, NISUS CORP.

The Patriot was tested by NISUS Corp. and and below is the letter with the results from Dr. Jeff Loyd.


Just a short note to confirm that we have now tested your portable Patriot misting equipment.


We found it very effective at applying DSV.  It covered a large area quickly and efficiently with a very fine mist that avoided run-off, yet still put out the correct volume of material to meet the label sanitization claims.


As you know there is a high current demand for treatment of schools and other public areas as precaution against Type A influenza viruses (such as the H1N1 or swine Flu) and I believe the combination of DSV with the Patriot is ideal to meet this demand.  More importantly however, DSV is also labeled for far more dangerous potential pathogens and so application offers a great deal of additional protection to potential users.

 Kind regards,


 Dr. Jeff Lloyd

Vice President of Research & Development

Nisus Corporation

100 Nisus Drive ROCKFORD TN 37853 USA

Nisus DSV EPA number is referenced in the CDC and Government list of recommended products to eliminate H1N1

For the DSV Product Label Click Here

For an educational video on DSV from Dr. Loyd Click Here

Check  for the latest videos including, a video on applying DSV with the BIO-PATRIOT in schools.

The BIO-Patriot and DSV are approved for use in the following locations
Schools, Universities, Day care centers, Nursing Homes, Dr. Offices, Hospitals, Gyms, Hotels, Cruise Ships, emergency response vehicles, personal residences and places of work and many more.

For Pricing and availability of the BIO-Patriot contact
Barry Franks
or call 603-339-6239

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