Factory Repair Center

UNIFIX USA LLC offers complete repairs on all our equipment lines and similar industry equipment.

UNIFIX, is an industry leader in equipment repair.  We have successfully repaired
units for the Pest Control's largest and smallest companies for over a decade.  We
have the capability of handling small jobs, maintenance, up keep, as well as complete
factory upgrades and hybrids.  What ever your need is, we can meet it.  We know what
it takes to keep your equipment in Top running condition.

Package your equipment and ship to

**Please note due to the virus and high demand on our UFX Patriot BAT unit we are limiting work/repairs on any units which are not UFX products.

You May also drop your equipment off at any of our distributors listed on this
website and ask them to send it to UNIFIX, for an upgrade.  Billing will be
through your distributor.

Below is an example of an Old Micro Injector unit refurbished
and upgraded with new Patriot Components.



We do not just repair units.  We upgrade the units to a Hybrid Unit.
The following is what is included in an upgrade Hybrid:

1.  All Internal hoses replaced
2.  All Internal components updated and replaced (check valve etc.)
3.  Motor head repair if needed,
4.  Electrical repair if needed.
5.  70 Micron Jet filter installed
6.  New Upgrade 26 ft Patriot Dual Coiled hose
7.  New Upgrade Patriot Handle with detachable wand Port
(Allows for our accessories of different wands and extensions)
8.  New Stainless Steel 18" wand
9.  New Stainless Steel Tip
10. New Ruby Jet System (better on chemical cost/bed bugs/roaches etc.)

Flat Fee $550.00
Delivery charges are extra, usually under $38
anywhere in USA.

All repairs are guaranteed to operate to your satisfaction.

The motor and tank of the original system carry a 90 day warranty on
all repairs.  The New, UNIFIX USA installed components, carry a full
1 Year Warranty.  The only general maintenance item is the spray jet.  Spray jets can clog from chemical mixtures sitting in the jet.  The Patriot spray jet design allows for the easiest cleaning and maintenance in the industry.

Please make sure to Include your business card and
contact information/with the unit.  Simply Write "Upgrade"
on card or note.  Thank you!

Standard turn around on Received Repairs is 1-5 days plus return
shipping time. 

Any Questions email Barry at barry@unifixusa.com

or call 603-339-6239

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