Professional Equipment
UNIFIX USA LLC, Is a Professional equipment Supplier for the Pest Control Equipment Industry as well as Bio Control, Sanitation and Mold control Industries.

We build and offer only the best quality and most advanced Professional Pest control Equipment.

Our line of Professional Pest control equipment, includes, our Patriot 2XP Injector systems.
These battery powered aerosol systems which also operate on a cord are perfect, for treating all insects where they hide. The Patriot creates fog from the pesticides and delivers this fog into wall voids, equipment, furniture and other hard to reach and treat areas.  The Patriot offers powerful flushing technology which disperses the fog deep into the voids penetrating the target pests with ease. 

The Patriot is no doubt the most advanced and necessary tool in the arsenal of professional pest control equipment.  The Patriot's unique Patent pending designs, make it elite among competitive units and it currently exceeds more then 20+ technical advancements.

Other professional pest control equipment, include our Patent Pending SG-30 crack free wand and spray handle.  While other professional pest control equipment manufacturers offer spray handles and wands, many will crack in the winter allowing for dermal chemical poisoning, chemical spillage.  Never mind down time associated with the cracked and unusable tool and the loss of money.
  If you use a pump tank or electric sprayer the SG-30 should be your choice for a professional spray handle and wand.

Our Professional Pest Control Fogger, our open Space Fog system SG-1000, offers high power high volume Fog for treating Large open areas, such as factories, warehouses etc.

We are constantly creating new Equipment for the Professional Pest Control equipment industry and we won't stop.  Our new Patent Pending, Bio-Patriot System will be treating schools and hospitals, nursing homes etc, for viruses such as H1N1, MRSA, STAPH and helping to keep the planet clean and sanitized.

Our new Patent pending, battery powered Mosquito Fogger which will be on the shelves by 2011, will make Mosquito spraying simple and easy for everyone to do.  And with a price tag of around $100, everyone will be happy to have it.

Our goal is to be your Professional pest control equipment supplier.  We will continue to forge innovations and deliver to you the customer, the best, cost effective, technologically advanced equipment in the industry.

We promise to continue to offer supreme customer service as well as our industry proven top of the line equipment repair, and maintenance center.

UNIFIX USA LLC, is Professional Pest Control Equipment!

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