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UFX LLC, is a New Hampshire Based company. 

We Offer:  Contact with the Owner/Inventor/Designer/ builder
anytime Barry Franks 603-339-6239  Text is best

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UFX LLC, founder and President Barry Franks JR.,  was involved in the Pest Control Industry since the early age of 12.  His Father Barry Sr was the Owner of a medium sized pest elimination company operating in Boston MA.  This company relied heavily on mechanical aerosol sprayers along with foggers to keep accounts pest free.  Barry Jr spent most of his free time repairing these specialty units.  After years of field work as 3rd shift  and sometimes first and second shift service technician battling the war on pests, Barry Jr realized the need for better equipment in the industry.  In 2003 Unifix Co was established offering equipment repairs and maintenance for the industry.  Unifix has successfully rebuilt 1000's of machines for the industries largest and smallest companies.  It was during the rebuilding of the machines that Barry Jr, realized the oppurtunity for a more cost effective, technician friendly, and reliable machine.  Thus in 2005 the Patriot was Launched.  The Patriot Injection system was the first bottom based aerosol system with a detachable dual port spray handle, in the industry.

The Pursuit to build the best equipment in the industry is the drive behind UNIFIX USA's every move. Today, UFX LLC continues to offer the newest advancements in the industry including:  Cordless operation, the  first and only aerosol battery powered sprayer and misting system

The Patriot is a great aerosol system put out the perfect size micron's for whatever your trying to eliminate, whether it be Roaches, Bees, Ants or a bio threat the Patriot is a 100% effective tool against Bio threats such as Corona Virus, Covid-19, H1N1, HIV, STAPH, MRSA etc. with their Bio Jets.  

UFX LLC's Patriot 2XP Systems, crack free wands, powerful foggers and new futuristic products will dominate the industry for years to come.  

We released the Patriot BAT and Patriot compact corded in 2015.  The small size and high power solves the issues with limited truck size space and yet still delivers the incredible Patriot performance. After 15 years with distributors in the USA we launched our direct to professional store front and found it the easiest and most efficient way customers could actually get our products instead of being offered whatever the distributor had in inventory on that day.
The aerosol/micro injecting industry is a niche industry and as of June 2019 we are 100% direct purchase for all of North America.  AS the inventor, Builder and the man of many hats I am here to help and take care of my equipment forever.  My cell # is 603-339-6239 and you can text me day or night if there is ever an issue with a machine or question about a future order.


Barry's philosophy:

"It's tough out there, working hard every night or day.  The last thing a hard working tech wants to hear is a complaint.  Sometimes you just want to know there's someone in your corner.  UNIFIX is here to help; together, U  N  will Fix the problem." We need good equipment, tough equipment, to win the war on pests.  Whether it be a BIO Pest or Insects....Unifix  will continue to do it's best to bring you the most advanced innovations in the industry.  That's our promise. UFX LLC-Barry Franks

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