UNIFIX SG-30 Spray Handle and Wand 


Introducing Our New Patent Pending:

UNIFIX SG-30 Spray handle 

NEW SG-30 Bottom of this Page!

A universal Aftermarket spray handle designed to fit
your current Pump spray tank!
  We Took the Bugs out of
the Industry Handle so you could handle more Bugs!

Features include

Anti Crack Wand  NO MORE CRACKED WANDS!!!!!

Better Filtration

Shut off Valve

Simple Maintenance

Wand sizes available 8", 18" 24" 46" custom

No cables but perfect shut off

Finally a handle you will have for the rest of your life

NEW EXTENSION WAND 4ft-12ft telescoping
Adapts to the New SG-30
Available Spring, 2020 

Reach those tough to reach areas with EASE!

100% Patent Design Crack Proof Wand!
No Extended Cable, No cable Snaps!
Perfect shut off!
Universal fit for all sprayers

Retail $299

Rest easy knowing your handle will do it's job.  Without the worry
of cracked wands and cable snaps.  The SG-30 is the future of the
spray handle industry.  And the future just got easier!

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